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Upkitty Secret


*The Power of Myth (video)

Amazing program that reveals the universal essence of spirituality. (aka. People are people)

Famous for “Follow your bliss” statement by Joseph Campbell.


The Power of Myth (book)

Explore the world of mythology at your own pace with book format.


The Power of Now

Great introduction to the spiritual awakening today.


The Book of Five Rings

A masterpiece by a legendary swordmaster Musashi Miyamoto.

Zen practiced by a master who literally lived at the edge.




Meditation program for the hardcore. 60 minutes a day for 8 to 10 years.



Meditation program for the casuals. 12 minutes a day.


Brainwave Shots

Transform your feelings with 15 minute tracks. 



*Paraliminals Ultimate You (+ Paraliminal Accelerator)

Amazing set of life transforming audio programs using Holosync technology.

You will experience massive transformation in just 25 minutes.

You can loop sleeping tracks in sleep for accelerated transformation.


Hypnosis Live

Powerful hypnotic audio series covering wide range of topics.


Hypnosis Bootcamp

Intensive 7-day hypnotic courses to transform your life from within.


*Subliminal Guru

Great series of subliminal audio. 10 minutes per track.

Brown Noise, Rainfall and Stream tracks are especially great for looping.


*Subliminal 360

Flashes affirmations on screen. Great for PC/Mac users.

(Just remember to turn it off when you take screenshots. You don’t want to post it in public with your name attached…)

You can create custom tracks on Windows version.


The Law of Attraction

*The Secret (video)

Fabulous introduction to The Law of Attraction.

Much misunderstood and debated, but still a great masterpiece.


The Secret (book)

Transcription of the film with tons of commentary by the director.


*Creative Visualization

Classic text on the art of visualization.


Effortless Success

Best course on The Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield with very special paraliminals and meditation tracks.



*Think & Grow Rich (book)

Live it. Period.

Napoleon Hill is the man!!


Think & Grow Rich (audiobook)

Abridged version narrated by Earl Nightingale with a commentary by Napoleon Hill.


The Strangest Secret

Great audiobook on simple and strange secret of success by Earl Nightingale.


*The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Very inspiring text on subconscious power.


* Dollars Flow to Me Easily

A hidden gem that massively simplifies your life with a laser focus on your divine essence within.


Thank and Grow Rich

Simple 2 step formula and tons of other fun tools for practicing gratitude.


It Works

Tiny book with massive wisdom.


How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Dilbert author reveals his insights on affirmations, systems and many other topics on success.


The Instant Millionaire

Wonderful little tale on true essence of success.





Absolutely fantastic tool with great introductory tracks.


Level 1

Turbo charged version with positive tracks.


Think and Grow Rich

Great course on mastering Napoleon Hill classic with PSTEC technology.


Belief Buster

Extremely powerful tool for clearing persistent negative beliefs.


The Sedona Method

*4-in-1 Super Course

Incredible mind technology with a powerful spiritual essence at the core.


The Sedona Method (book)

Great companion to the audio course.


Quick Study

Mini course for Sedona newbies.


Effortless Creation

Your secret key to manifesting success effortlessly.


Living Love

Love is the answer. 


Ultimate Freedom

Your true freedom is beyond anything you have ever believed as freedom.


Financial Liberation

You need inner wealth before you can ever achieve true financial freedom.


Living Happiness

Happiness is not what you think it is.




Great resource for Gold Standard and Optimal EFT.


Tapping Solution (video)

Documentary featuring EFT master Carol Look and few other courageous people.


Tapping Solution (book)

Complete guide to EFT.



Heartmath Solution

Long-lost secret of the heart intelligence revealed through science.



Heart intelligence training tool with PC/Mac app and a portable device.


Inner Balance

Heart energy tuning mobile tool with an app and a sensor.



NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A treasure box full of mind hack tools designed to reprogram your mind by design.


The Work

Loving What Is

Turn around your negative beliefs with a set of simple questions.



Zero Limit

Modern adaptation of a traditional Hawaiian spiritual practice.




Wish I had this back in school days.

I could’ve easily photoread all the texts for the semester in few hours. Sigh…


Genius Code

Amazing set of techniques for accessing your genius.


Easy Learn Languages

Genius approach to learning French, Spanish and German.


Raikov Effect

Unlock your powers by instantly stealing the genius of anyone.


The Silva Mind Control Method

Great technique for harnessing the power of subconscious mind.



Tons of brainstorming and creative thinking tools.



The Artist’s Way

Step by step guide on re-awakening your inner artist.


The 4-Hour Chef

Tim Ferriss’ brilliant text revealing the art of learning, metalearning, disguised as a cookbook.


Zen and Japanese Culture

Great examples of elevating the worldly to spiritual through Zen.


Effortless Mastery

Life-transforming text that will awaken your inner musician.

Meditation tracks accompanied by Kenny Werner’s piano are fantastic.


A Love Supreme

John Coltrane’s prayer in the liner notes alone is worth the investment.