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We Donate A Portion Of Proceeds To Cat Charities

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The end of all wisdom is love, love, love.
- Ramana Maharshi

We believe in the power of love.

We are focused on helping you express your love and gratitude to yourself and others through the act of giving and sharing.

In the world of chaos, it is love that bonds us together and reconnects us to our deepest spiritual essence.

We choose to add a little dent to the universe through Upkitty by serving you and supporting charities.


We are partnering with Pledgeling to support our cats and animal friends through charities.

We donate 10% of net profit for store products and we have Round-Up setup on the checkout page to gives you the option to donate round-up purchases to the nearest dollar or $1.

We have Pledgeling impact calculator installed in multiple locations of our website to give you realtime update on the donation status.


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