Hello Upkitty

Up = All Directions

Life is so strange.

You are now standing (sitting, laying or maybe floating) on a gigantic lava-filled spinning rock that’s hurling through the space around the sun, a gigantic fireball, which is also hurling around the galaxy spinning around a massive blackhole. And this galaxy thing is just one of gazillions in our ever-expanding universe filled with dark energy that we can’t detect or experience. To make it all even more strange, scientists have been tripping on bizarre ideas like quantum entanglement, multi-verses and holographic universe.

What is energy?
What is time & space?
How!? Why!? What!?

We go on with our daily lives thinking that we have it all figured out, but the moment you ask a simple question your world collapses and down the infinite rabbit hole you go.

As much as we would like to believe that we are in control, we are not.
You can’t even predict your next thought!

Even if you believe in God and pray regularly, you can’t see the magic & miracle of life until you are out of the labyrinth.
God works in mysterious ways and sometimes you wonder what it’s all about.

One thing for sure is that life has something to do with “luck.”
And you can trace all successes back to this quirky thing called luck.

In this strange world, maybe we can harness this strange power of luck to increase the odds in our favor.
But how?


Up + Kitty = Upkitty

Q : How do you become lucky?
A : Feel good!!

Done. Finished.
Grand finale!
Congratulations, you’ve found the secret.

The Law of Attraction folks teach that the positive vibration is the key to manifesting happiness.
Even if you disagree with them, your common sense tells you that good things happen to positive people.

We at Upkitty believe that life is a gift.
And we curate unique products to add a little positive vibe to your life.

No, we can’t kick out your obnoxious neighbor or repaint your house for you, but we do our best to add something to your life, to make a little dent to the universe as Steve Jobs used to say.

And it’s little things that count.
By the compounding butterfly effect, tiny shifts result in a massive change over time.

If you are flying from New York to Paris and make too many little changes in the wrong direction, you will end up in Zimbabwe and wonder what happened.

Life is a gift and so are you.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a gift?

It’s all about the mindset of abundance and gratitude.
With a positive mindset, even little things like a trivial trinket, a cup of coffee or a smile (free!) can turn into a gateway to heaven.

A drop of water contains within it the same secret that the grand ocean holds.

Whether you gift yourself or your loved ones, you treat yourself to the gift of abundance and shift your energy (and life) to a positive direction.
And the positive vibe you feel makes you magnetic for more good things in your future.

You are a spirit in a physical body.
You deserve happiness, abundance and all the good things life has to offer in this strange & beautiful world.

We have manifested each other and “met” in the cyberspace here & now.
We hope, with our deepest humility & gratitude, to add a little joy in your life through our service.

Team Upkitty